Reclaim your power

Reclaim Your Power is the one day workshop designed to give you a system and supporting tools to shift you from being “Dis-empowered” to being “Empowered” fast, so you can keep taking action towards everything you want in your life.

For the last time ever, I'm giving away program for a donation of any amount to help Project Abundance Intern Program. Join today and pay what you can. 

What is Reclaim Your Power?

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Are there things you want to achieve in life, but are stopped by “circumstances” or limiting beliefs? Do you have negative thinking or are held back by self-limiting thoughts of fear, discouragement, and/or procrastination? We all have them. Learn a simple, 3-step process to curtail limiting, “disempowering” thoughts and allow you to see new ways of thinking and acting to overcome your barriers and achieve elusive life goals.

Practicing this process, people find new levels of joy and satisfaction in their lives. Participants see their lives in a whole new light to achieve their dreams. Divorced individuals stop blaming their ex-spouses, teens stopped being bullied and befriended their bullies, and at least one person stopped having suicidal thoughts.

In two days, learn the situations, activities, and people that create empowerment and the negative impacts that disempowering conversations have in our lives. Each session has assignments that examine our disempowerment. Learn the tools that re-empower yourself and practice with other participants. Over time, the speed and agility to move from disempowered to empowered improves dramatically, leaving one leading a fully empowered life.

January 28 & 29, 2023
8 am PT/11 am ET

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Hi, I'm Janel Pulley Borzotra, Owner of Rise Up & Thrive Media Group, LLC. It gives me great pleasure to present to you a program that changed my life for the better. I was left empowered and free from past restraints that were holding me back from the good that I desired. 

What will you learn from this program:

The relationship fundamentals

Learn a simple, three-step process to curtail limiting and “disempowering” thoughts. Communication is the foundation to a successful relationship with yourself and others. Learn how to speak life into each and every situation you encounter.

How to love and be loved

What difference would it make for you if you got advance warning when you were about to become upset or disempowered before it happened with your loved one? We will share our crystal ball for anticipating those moments before they happen and create a long-lasting loving relationship with yourself and others.

Why caring for yourself is just as important

We also talk about three specific signs that disempowerment is going to take control of your life. You will be empowered to think about your health in a new way and embrace your body.

Make a plan for your career and future relationships

We talk about how you have two sides to yourself, one that is always enthusiastic about life and the other that holds you back, and how that dichotomy affects your life. You will leave empowered to live a life you never thought was possible ---Until Now.


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