Money Just Flew Out the Window - How to Create a Relationship with Wealth Living from Paycheck to Paycheck

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Janel Pulley, MBA is an insurance marketing agent and has a Masters in Teaching & Learning with Technology. She works in several states and is responsible for business development and has helped thousands of families get their financial lives in order by showing them six simple steps in creating wealth. She helps families live their best lives by downsizing their debt to have more money to invest in their retirement and educates them on how to leave a legacy for their family. She is the owner of Financial Bliss Academy, a financial literacy education institute. She also cohosts a Facebook Live and YouTube channel called Financial Freedom Friday Morning T.E.A. (Total Entrepreneurial Accountability) where she interviews entrepreneurs making a difference and discusses business strategies for all entrepreneurs. She enjoys being a certified life coach and professional speaker. Ms. Pulley resides in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area with her husband, Michael Borzotra, Jr. 

Books in a bookshelf


Most of us were not born with a silver spoon in our mouth or born rich. This book gives you ways to understand that it is your right to be rich. You do not have to feel that your money will just fly out of the window and that you do not have the means to an end. o.