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Power Fridays Live is a broadcast with a vision of impacting the world through sharing transformation, spiritual growth, and leadership development in business for entrepreneurs.

Power and purpose are a fundamental component of a fulfilling life. Power has a positive effect on people to be influenced to encourage a course of being in action and creating relationships. We interview entrepreneurs making a difference and discuss business strategies for entrepreneurs.

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About JAnel Pulley

Owner, Rise Up & Thrive Media Group LLC

Janel Pulley is a driven and ambitious visionary. Janel Pulley is the founder of the JPulley Agency & Rise Up & Thrive Media Group. One of the vital lessons that she has been taught and teaches is the value of hard work and education coupled with perseverance. Janel is a recent self-published author of Money Just Flew Out the Window, How to Create a Relationship with Wealth Living from Paycheck to Paycheck. She enjoys being a catalyst for business development and has helped thousands of families get their financial lives in order by showing them six simple steps for creating wealth. She enjoys being a certified life coach and professional speaker.

About David E. guerreso

purpose coach, beacon leaders llc

As he sought the purpose for his life, David discovered a passion and ability to inspire and bring people together. Drawing from two decades of experience in a corporate environment, several volunteer-based roles, and various types of training, he has learned that teamwork really does make the dream work because it takes a team of people with differing talents, skills, and passions to really generate change. Like many others, David often feels limited by his own self-doubt and fear, but with great people at his side, personal discipline, perseverance through difficulty, and a willingness to act with courage, he has been able to positively impact the lives of others. His desire is to inspire others to do the same.

David E. Guerreso is disc certified and certified member of the john maxwell team


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